OOH Solution

Street furniture in the public area -
To promote the business use of bus shelters, dustbins, standees and cycle stands are also the best places to advertise..

Transportation -
This is another form of OOH promotion using moving buses, subway cars and taxis and metro rapids to gain the awareness of customers.

Digital Signage -
This is the kind of promotion method that utilizes advanced technology to change the display. A few marketers also make use of big screens to display their brands where the message rotates after each five to seven seconds.
Public Utilities -
To promote the business public utilities such as water ATMs are the best objects to place ads. This screen can be on a free-standing sidewalk or courtside.

Reasons to use the OOH strategy
This method allows for boosting the customer's engagement with marketers. When people spend their time shipping, travelling or surfing they can be aware of your product and services. Moreover, technical gadgets have made this OOH strategy easier for target customers to get involved with brands. SSDH is providing OOH service to the business processes to reach their products to their target customers with electronic signs and outdoor hoardings.